The girls

M and A are becoming great friends! They will often disappear into the bedroom to play Sesame Street on the computer together. Another of their new favorite games is to play "house" underneath our dining table. They get blankets and "sleep" in their new "house." (We like that game--it's very quiet.) A few weeks ago, when M attended Veggie Tales day camp all week, A frequently asked, "Where Ma-nee go?" She really missed her big sister.

A recently got a new haiirstyle--pigtails! Since she hasn't had a haircut yet, it helps her to be able to see without having to constantly
push the hair from out of her eyes. A turns two in just a few weeks! When we talk about her birthday party, she makes sure to remind us of a very important fact, "No like cake!" On her first birthday, she refused to even try a bite of the cake I made, and cried when she got frosting on her hands. She may be the girl who never gets a birthday cake! We're planning on a big cookie in lieu of a cake.
The photo to the left was taken in Galveston. It was the girls first trip to the ocean. Our family loves the water, and we spend lots of time at the swimming pool. The girls are so brown they are beginning to look like little natives. Thanks for visiting our blog. We'll try to keep it updated after we move to O-town!