Well, we've been in our townhome for two months now. It was so fun to get all of our stuff back! (We had been living temporarily without many of our personal belongings for about 7 months.) As I unpacked our boxes, I kept telling David, "Wow, we have really nice stuff! Look at these beautiful dishes! I love all these colors and textures and patterns!" It is so fun to have our own home again and be able to paint colors on the walls, decorate, and have all the things that make our home feel like "home." What a blessing!

We really love our townhome. It is just the perfect size for our family. We even have a little courtyard that is fenced in, private and totally safe for the girls to play in. We really don't miss yardwork at all, something we never enjoyed very much. I am hoping to try my hand at some container gardening--maybe tomatoes and green onions. I've heard that fall is like Springtime "up North," so right now is a good time to plant a garden.

The girls have also been making friends. There are two other families who live just down the street with little girls too. Our girls really enjoy playing with them. They are a blessing to us. Just across the street from our front door, will be a great "open space" complete with a pool, playground, grassy area, and basketball court. Currently the playground is surrounded by dirt, so every time we go to play there, (which is not very often!) the girls come back looking like little chimney sweeps. It will be a great place to play once the sod is down.

Here are some pictures from the past few months, starting with the most recent ones.

We went to the "pumpkin patch" last weekend with some friends. I think the temperature reached a record high somewhere in the 90's. It was somewhat of a shock to be wearing summer clothes, and sweating while looking through a pile of exorbitantly priced pre-picked pumpkins .

Here's M at Lake Eola. It's a pretty lake with nice landscaping and a walking path around it. We hear it's a popular place to stroll around. We went there for A's birthday a few months ago.

Below: Lake Eola and Annalise on the new tricycle she got for her birthday, cheesy smile and all!

This is M on her first day of preschool. She was excited to wear her favorite whale dress--I think she wore it everyday for the first two weeks of class.