Welcome to our home!

Here are some pictures of our place. The walls were stark white when we moved in. We've just finished painting the main floor, except for the powder bath. If you opened the white door pictured above, you'd be walking into the powder bath. Just to the right of that white door are stairs which lead to the second floor where we all sleep. For those of you who have been to our home in CO, you should notice some striking similarities to our new place!

To the left of the kitchen, you see our family room. For now, this is the room that the girls can play in and put some of their larger toys. We also play the piano and store our books in this room.

I love my kitchen! I think it is my favorite part of the whole house.

This is the courtyard. To the right of the window is the back door which enters into our kitchen. The garage door is not pictured, but opens on the left side of the photo.