Christmas in Florida

We had a great Christmas this year. My parents came for a very nice visit. While they were here, they let us have a two night getaway. David and Dad also built a sandbox for the girls, and Dad assembled a BBQ grill. The girls loved having their grandparents here. They played lots of games, made cookies, went to the park and really enjoyed one another. We sure miss them now that they're gone. What great parents!

The girls enjoyed decorating this gingerbread house during their time with Nana and Grandpa.

A was delighted by many of her Christmas presents, especially this tea set that she quickly set up in a neat row, matching all the cups, saucers and spoons as well.

David is planing the edges of the sandbox to make them round. Looks good so far!

M wanted the sandbox to be pink. David, Dad and M are hard at work painting it.

The finished sandbox--the girls love it!

Madeline enjoyed playing in the sandbox right after I dumped all the sand in.

We found an authentic Chinese retaurant, "Ming's Bistro," which we went to for my birthday. Yum! We sure miss the delicious Chinese food in Sugar Land.

We went to do some free stuff on the first night of our getaway. This huge Christmas tree adorned the lobby of the Wilderness lodge.. We sipped our hot chocolate on comfy couches while listening to a live brass ensemble playing Christmas carols.

We spent the second day of our getaway at Epcot. It is split in two halves, Future World and the World Showcase.

Our favorite part of Epcot was the World Showcase. David is standing in front of this replica of a Stave church from Norway. If you were at our wedding, you'd recognize the building--we were married at an exact replica of a Stave church.

Our favorite country to visit was China, of course. We enjoyed a Chinese acrobatic performance and enjoyed watching a short movie which took us on a tour of China, many places which we had been to personally.

We went to the "beach" (at the lake) at Moss Park, which is just a few miles from our home.

Going to the beach in December is definitely one of the highlights of living here!