3rd Birthday

(on August 12th)

A wanted a pony birthday this year, so I finally decided to attempt a special cake. It's supposed to be a pink horse. I should add "cake decorator" to the long list of professions I never knew I was signing up for when becoming a mom.

She got to choose her favorite food for dinner--hot dogs. Afterwards, our neighborhood friends, the Pecks, came over to have cake and break a pinata--yes, it is homemade.

Can you believe this pile of presents? It really looks like a lot more than it really is.

What little girls' birthday wouldn't be complete without some Disney princesses?

A is really into Thomas the Train, and was very happy with her new train set, especially her pink train, Rosie. Thanks, Grandad and Abuela!

Each kid got five swings with a soft pool bat. Finally after several turns each, M got desperate and just dumped the pinata upside down. It was nearly indestructible!