creating an impossible exposure: tutorial

Here are my dear friends, Scott and Angie. They're getting married in less than a month! My sweet hubby gave me the free round-trip ticket he won so that I could attend their wedding in Nebraska. I'm so excited to be there to see them tie the knot in person!

The SOOC image(straight out of camera.) I exposed for Scott and Angie, not for the sky.

I always shoot in camera RAW, and here's why. I was able to create another exposure, but this time for the sky.

I opened both images in Photoshop Editor, and moved the image exposed for the sky on top of the first one. I chose a soft edged eraser, and erased Scott and Angie so that the image exposed for them appeared. A little cropping, white balance adjustments, and voila! Here it is. An impossible image now made possible with technology. Love it!