pajama girls

As I was driving home from teaching Jazzercise a few nights ago, I couldn't help but notice how georgeous the sun was looking. I just had to take some pictures! David already had the girls fed, bathed and in their footie jammies (what a great husband I have!), but that didn't stop us from heading out the front door for a quick photo shoot. I'm just learning how to get that cool, sunflare, lit-up-hair look. Here's my first try on this:

M is really getting into writing little notes. She was following her friends around earlier that day writing everyone little sticky notes. They said things like "I love you, Bethany. Love, M" I still have little yellow post-it notes all over my house.

And, now for a little distortion. A came up really close to my lens. I kind of like the funky look here.

My bobble-headed children. I'm kinda liking this distorted look. It's fun and different. What do you think?