There will be more of these, as I'm still going through them. The girls loved picking these wildflowers in a field near our home. I'm glad that I took lots of photos too, because now there are no more wildflowers!

On a different note, A became sick with strep throat over the weekend. It came on very suddenly, so we took her to the Urgent care right away. Anyway, my posts this week may be fewer because my baby is sick. She handles being sick remarkably well, though, but I have take advantage of this time to cuddle her! It doesn't happen as often anymore.

The Bryan Peterson workshop was sort of like reading his books, "Understanding Exposure" and "Learning to See Creatively". Though I am far from mastering all that he talks about in his books, I'm pretty sure that I intellectually understand the principles. Having said that, the majority of his workshop came from his books. There were of course, a few nuggets that I gleaned from him. And, there is also benefit to aural learning. I'm glad I went, but the workshop wasn't as informative as I was hoping.