a day at the beach

It's spring break this week, so we headed to the beach with my friend Lisa and her girls. (I'm really not trying to make you jealous!) It was a beautiful day until Lisa's littlest girl got stung by a jellyfish. Actually she had multiple stings. All over. Poor thing. We learned that the treatment is vinegar and meat tenderizer. Not things you'd normally pack for the beach, but I think I may from now on!

Lisa's littlest (before she got stung) squishing her feet in the sand. So fun!

Brrr...yes, the water was still too chilly for A and me to get in!

Just me trying to get into more photos!

The finished sand castle. We worked really hard on this, despite its lack of beauty!

And now for the-rest-of-my-day story:
Lisa and her girls left early to go home, but we stuck around until mid-afternoon. I had left for the beach with only 1/4 tank of gas, knowing that I'd have to fill up before I drove home. So, I pull into the gas station only to realize that I didn't have my wallet. Or any money. Anywhere! So, I start driving home, and tell the girls to begin praying because it's going to take a miracle to get us home on 1/8 tank of gas. I start to panic a bit, and call David at work, who asks, "Has the light come on yet?" Just then the light came on. He informs me that I now have about 15 miles left in the tank. Just then, I pass a sign that tells me I have 17 miles to my exit. Ugh! I start driving very evenly and at 60 MPH (optimum gas mileage at this rate, apparently.) Everyone is passing me, of course. The girls, who had been very quiet so far begin fighting and screaming, so I'm looking into the mirror, telling them to be kind, etc, and MISS my exit! Ahhh... I take the next exit, and realize that I've never taken that exit before from that direction and suddenly feel lost and unsure of which way to turn. I somehow make my way back onto the Tollway, and pull off into the gas station on the corner with just enough gas left. Whew! DH met me there and bought my full tank of gas. What a hero! He saved my day.