a new use...

...for an old item. Can you guess what this used to be in it's former life?

A spice rack! Now it's full of stamps in my new scrap space.

Here's my mess. I wish it looked neat and pretty, but this is my reality. It's a work in progress. Shelves and table top are from IKEA. The black bar and hanging buckets (from IKEA) are actually designed for kitchen use, but I love 'em in my scrap space. Inspiration came from Emily.

So many of you asked about the cool toy in yeterday's post. It's a Discover Toy called "Tecno." However, it's made by an Italian toy maker called Quercetti. The girls just got it as Christmas time, so it's probably still in their current catalog. I LOVE this toy, and the girls really do too. It even makes 3-D objects. Here's a link to an older post with some more pics of them playing with it.