baseball anyone?

Rice was playing UCF over the weekend. Since David is a Rice alum, he managed to get us (and almost all of our friends) free tickets. So, we showed up at Logan's Roadhouse for a "mixer" where we ate some yummy, very calorie-dense appetizers. The best part? They were all free!

Then, we headed to UCF for the game. It was such a beautiful night. Perfect for being outside and chatting. The kids enjoyed playing with each other. The guys (and Ingrid) watched the game while Lisa and I tried to chat.

Ingrid's kiddos--they're so cute! I think these photos capture their personalities so well.

I guess the kids did sort of watch part of the game, though they were mostly just interested in hanging off the fence.

This humongous moth provided a lot of entertainment for the kids too. What is it? I have no idea, but look at the size of it! Hopefully the chain-link fence will give you some sense of scale. Florida has the hugest insects I've ever seen!