arte y pico award and I'm tagged

Thank you, Tera, for giving me with this Art Y Pico award (like a month ago!). I feel very honored that you would think of me as inspirational! Now I get to pass the award on. The hard part for me is choosing only 5 bloggers who inspire me. So, here goes. Oh, and around the same time, my friend Lisa tagged me, asking me to share 5 insignificant things about myself. So, I thought I'd combine these two. I'm simultaneously awarding the Art Y Pico and tagging these bloggers:

Heather--I have absolutely adored her photography from my first visit to Two Peas. I think everyone loves Heather's style--it's amazingly fresh, creative, innocent, and stunning all at the same time. And, she's a Coloradoan. I'm just biased because I went to school there, and recently moved from there.

Emily--my new friend who is an amazing scrapbooker. She was recently asked to join the design team at Prism, a card stock company. She pulls things together very well--it's really a gift because I've seen her in action, and she just does it so naturally!

Sarah--an old friend from our Greeley days. She has great taste, is incredibly crafty, and is always creating something fresh from cards to diaper holders. Her jewelry is killer-cool!

Kristen--She takes the best portraits of her own kids. I love how she dresses her baby girl. So cute! I wish my portraits looked more like hers.

Mandy--She's always coming up with incredibly amazing ideas, and has such a funky, cool style. Her quotes and photos convey such emotion and really draw me in. She's gonna be famous someday, I think!
Plus, I have the feeling I could be friends with all these gals. Oh, and of course two of them are friends IRL.

And, here are 5 insignificant things about me:

5. I'm not a morning person at all. I wake up very slowly and usually feel very grumpy until after breakfast when I've had my cup of herbal tea.

4. I'm not a night person either. I usually go to bed between 10:30-11pm, which is probably a little too late for me. I just like to sleep, and my body does best with 9 hours of sleep a night.

3. My thumbs are double jointed. They bend backwards waaay farther than is normal. I'm pretty sure my elbows are double joined as well.

2. Speaking of body parts, I have really long toes (and fingers), but long toes look a bit strange and long fingers generally look pretty. When I was little, I was so self-conscious about my toes, that I hated for anyone else to see them.

1. When I was in first grade, I broke my ankle while being mischievous. As I was throwing a snowball at my mom, I slipped on a hidden patch of ice beneath the snow. It was the middle of winter in South Dakota, and my cast didn't cover my toes, so my mom made me "toe bonnets." One day at school when my first grade teacher asked the kids to sign my cast, she removed my "toe bonnet." I was mortified because everyone could see my toes, and I was sure they were stinky and dirty.