simple photography course

Some of you have expressed interested in the 12-week photography course that I took over at Two Peas. Here are some linky-loos for you.

12-Weeks to better photos course

General Photography articles

I think you may have to be a member in order to have access to the articles, so just sign up! It's easy. Sorry this took so long, Alyson! Enjoy.

Also, if you want an awesome book recommendation, check out the widget on the sidebar for Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. Right after I got my digital camera last Christmas, I got his book, and learned how the three components of the exposure triangle--aperture, ISO, and shutter speed--worked together. It is a must read for any aspiring photographer. It's full of great photographic examples that illustrate the principles. It also has lots of exercises for you to try out. This is the same guy whose seminar I attended a few months ago. And, if you click on the link from my blog, I get a little kickback from Amazon. Cool, huh? After recommending this book over and over to friends, and having them go buy it, I thought I might as well profit a bit from my sales pitch.

EDITED 7/10/14 The Two Peas website is no longer available and closed it's doors on July 24, 2014.  :(