wet & wild

While David's brother, Andrew was here for a visit last weekend, he treated us to a fun day at Wet 'N Wild. We had originally planned on going to Aquatica, Sea World's new water park (which is supposed to be phenomenal), but, when we arrived two hours after it had opened at 11am, it was already at capacity. The entranced was blockaded, and all the "late-comers were" turned away. Can you believe it?

We had a great time at Wet 'N Wild, though. The girls just loved the kiddie park.

The girls LOVED this zip line. It was so cool! Ok, any of you photoshop pros know how to clone this guy out of my photo? I tried, but do you see all those shadows? It was like impossible to get it natural-looking. Oh well, it kind of looks like M is going to take him out anyway :) It can be her "Sydney Bristow" moment. (Alias fans, anyone?)

I was bummed when I realized I never got a snap of Andrew and Nida :( They were enjoying the "big people" rides. Thanks for coming, you guys!