the great american road trip

Isn't it a great American tradition to take a gi-normous road trip every summer? I have to say, I really wish that our country had better public transportation. I mean, who was really cut out to ride in a car for like the entire day for two days straight? I'm much more a fan of flying places. But, hey, I shouldn't complain because we really had a great trip in a great car.

So, here we are, just getting started:

First stop: Florida citrus.

We didn't buy any because, frankly, it didn't look so good. We opted for the oh-so-famous Florida saltwater taffy instead.

I asked M what a monkey looked like. Pretty good, euh?

We had some good moments in the car...

...and then it was time for a movie. Definitely riding in style.

Some pretty scenery along the way.

Next post: Pensacola Beach...I know you can't wait :)