a bird and a door

What do a bird and a door have to do with each other? Well, not much really, except that they're both taken at Animal Kingdom. We do go to Disney quite often. Last February we decided to purchase annual passes (the kind with blackout dates.) We knew that our girls we are the perfect ages, and we had never been before. We saw it as an investment in our family. And, who knows how long we'll live in Orlando? We're lucky that we get to vacation in our backyard. Actually, ever since we've been married, David and I have lived in places that neither of us were "from." So, we've always made vacations cheap by being "backyard tourists." Anyway, we really do love Disney, but we always come home exhausted.

I'm not in the least a wildlife photographer, but I thought this shot was kind of cool.

Another cool photo-op location. I loved this door too!

There are slight glimmers of hope that the Orlando heat is passing, but I have to say that I'm so jealous of all of you who are experiencing a true fall. I miss it so much! Happy "fall."