just fun

Here's the last of my favorites from Bill and Amy's family sesssion. Your kids are so cute, guys! They worked this photo shoot into their family vacation. They had all just gotten off of a plane from the Midwest, and all the kids wanted to do was go swimming in their hotel, and go to Disney. All things considered, I think we did pretty well!

holding hands


On a completely different note, I've been pondering and struggling through the reality of schooling since school started. For some reason, I was under the impression that once your children started going to school, life would suddenly get much easier. I guess I'll blame all my mom-friends with older children for not filling me in more accurately. But, I'll just tell you that it's be no easy thing in our household. Are all school aged children the worst versions of themselves when they come home from school? I mean I seriously think that we have two versions of the same child, the school-child and the home-child who are completely opposite. One is compliant and brilliant and always does the right thing and never gets into trouble. The other one is whiney, mean and difficult to be around. Oy. Can some of you older moms tell me that it gets better? Kindergarten in Florida is full-day. I'm thinking it may just be too much for one little person to handle. We are seriously considering pulling M out and homeschooling her just so that we can experience just a taste of the sweeter version. Oy, oy.