it's all in the name....

Happy New Year!

I've got a new name:
What do you think? Short and sweet, right?
Maybe one day it will lead to a fabulous website, but for now, it's linked here, to my dearly beloved blog, Life in Orlando.

And you'll be seeing it more on my watermarks too. It's short for Kristina Wood Photography which can be a mouthful, really. So, don't forget,

Check out my new "Session Info" button on the right. It will lead you to my new place for information on sessions, including availability for January and February.

And, I know you want to know! I frequently get questions from you. I'm happy to share my journey, so be watching for an FAQ post, coming soon!

(Oh, and by the way, I am totally flattered by your comments, and am soooo not thinking that I've "arrived" in any way shape or form!) I just think photography is fun, and am happy to share my journey.