be mine!

Happy Valentine's Day! How do you celebrate? We don't really have any family Valentine's traditions to speak of, but I'd like to start some. My friend, Cindy, had a great idea that she shared with me yesterday. Ever heard of the book The 5 Love Languages? According to the author, everyone receives love and shows love in one or more of five ways: encouraging words, gifts, lots of hugs, acts of service and quality time.

My friend's idea focuses on loving our family on Valentine's Day in such a way that they really feel loved. First we'll have to explain the concept to our kids and see if they get it. Then, we'll have to help them think of ways to show love to one another. I think this is a great idea to make Valentine's Day about loving those around you in a special way. (And, it means I'm in for lots of presents :)

I think we'll start small today by explaining the concept of love languages to our girls. I'd love to hear any traditions you have!