good one.

It was off to "Meet the Teacher" night last night for the Wood family.

Picture a huge elementary school building large enough to hold 900 students, but that has parking for only about 100 vehicles. Finding a place to park is a real challenge to say the least. I don't know who planned the school, but they get an "F" for thinking through the parking issue.

You'd think that the neighboring property manager would cut the school some slack, right? Wrong. Not even an hour after we parked, our mini-van was towed from outside the school property. We weren't the only ones either. Not one, but two tow-trucks arrived on the scene just shortly before "Meet the Teacher" night was over.

Let's think this through: the HOA dude knows that he's causing not only one, but at least two children to be stranded without a ride home on the night they are inside an elementary school meeting their teachers. Good one, dude. That's real classy.

Here's a photo of our mini-van being hauled off. You can also see the second one in the distance.

Photo credit: David Nagy