monday morning

The girls are gone, the Z-man is asleep, and once again, it's eerily quiet at my house. Those first few moments of quiet on Monday are so strange.

Embracing the silence, and moving on...

Now, what to do? Cleaning out and organizing have taken top priority recently.
Let's go into the girls' room.

All of their stuffed animals are supposed to fit into this nifty little pink mesh-thing:


But, upon further inspection, I find, stowed away in an under-the-bed-box, this little guy. (There were quite a few other stowaways with him!)


So, being the mean reasonable mom that I am, I gave the girls a choice to make all the animals fit in the pink-mesh-thing themselves, or to let me take care of it for them (i.e pitch them myself.)


The result was this motley crew, delivered to my room with "ransom" notes around each of their necks. I was informed that I was the cause of splitting up families, that certain daughters would never see their mothers again, and that brothers and sisters were being parted forever.

Seriously? Oh, the drama.


And, yes, I'm sorry, Black Dot, but I'm sure you and the others will find a nice home somewhere else. Good bye!