6 months

It's hard to believe that little Z is already 6 months old! He's definitely the highlight in our lives. Such a happy, mellow baby.

We had a bit of a scare at his 6 month appointment yesterday that caused our doc to request some blood work. I sort of felt like my heart was in my stomach the rest of the day. My emotions are definitely a bit raw at the moment. It's really forced me to continue to entrust my little Z to God, who I believe is good, and who I believe knows all things and will be with me in all things. And, that is my comfort.

But, I have to be honest, I'm a little scared.

The bottom line is simple--rather than continuing to grow at the same fast, rate that he has been, over the last two months, his growth has dropped off quite considerably. Rather than gaining weight over the last two months, he's actually lost weight. We began yesterday to increase his calorie intake dramatically.

We are hopeful that this will solve the problem.

You can say a little prayer for us and for Z in the meantime. We should get the test results back early next week. Thanks, friends!