after school

I'd begun to hate our after school routine. I'd hear myself say things like, "you can do that (whatever, you fill in the blank) AFTER you finish your homework."

The public school schedule is not for the faint of heart! It's a ton of work to just keep up. Papers. Homework. Sign this. Sign that. Return this. Money for that. I get weary just thinking about it.

So, I'd decided to boycott the schedule one day. I mean, they're just first and third graders. Does life have to be so scheduled and serious all the time. Sheesh!

So, we've started playing before we do our homework. Yeah, I know. It's radical, but it had to be done. Play first, then work. That's what I say. Not everyday, but a lot of days.

Miss A took the camera for the first one below. And, Miss M showed us what she thought of that.

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