technical difficulties

Thanks to some help from my friend, Lisa, and a little bit of luck, the photos are all straightened out!

So, I like the new layout except for the fact that I'm having technical difficulties and my photos are not showing up anymore. I really have no idea what the problem is. Yesterday I changed so many things on the blog--the layout, the footer, and adding pages--that I'm not sure how to find the problem. The site I use to host my photos, Photobucket, is still hosting all my previous images, so I can't imagine there is a problem there.

Oh, and I've checked the blog using three different browsers. My photos show up using Google Chrome (but the blog is all funky now), but not in Mozarella Firefox (that what the girls call it) or Explorer.

Anyway, if you're a technical sleuth, feel free to give me your input. I'd sure appreciate it. My momma brain is not functioning so well on the little sleep I've been getting lately!

Thanks, friends!