it's short: the backstory

It's interesting what a simple haircut will reveal about your kid's personalities.

I went to the salon on Friday morning with long-ish hair.  Hair that desperately needed some style.  It's so hard to get to the salon with a baby in your life.  I was long overdue.  The change was dramatic to say the least!

It's a little shorter than I expected, but I'm getting used to it, and liking it most of the time.
With my scatterbrain, I ended up locking myself outside of my house, and since it was cold in FL on Friday, I decided to wait in my car in the garage to keep warm.

David had taken little Z to school to have lunch with the girls, but came back to let me in the house. (Good man!) When they pulled up, I looked over, waved and smiled at little Z, who usually smiles back.  But this time, he just stared at me.  Sort of an open-mouthed stare.  Confused.  Who is that woman smiling and waving at me?!
It took him a few minutes to realize that it was me.  The women who gave birth to him and who takes care of him everyday.

When Miss M got home from school, she could not hide her shock.  Upon seeing me, she screamed. Literally screamed like she had just seen a ghost.  "You look UGLY!" she shouted, and could not contain her horror at my short hair.  Nice, M, very nice.  She's the dramatic one of the family.

Miss A sort of looked at me with wide-eyes.  "Hmmm," she pondered aloud, "that's....interesting.  I think it's okay."  Very diplomatic and polite.

And, that about sums it up. I do love my children, but sometimes I'd love to pop them on the side of the head.   Instead, I'll just blog about them and get it out that way. :)