perfectly imperfect

Today I'm working through my mass of digital files, trying to print everything from 2010 that I have not yet printed.  That would be from May-December.  Not bad, I guess, but since I take a lot of photos, and must edit them all before I print them, it's no small task.

And, it sort of reminds me that they don't have to be perfect before I print them.  So what if the color is a little off in some of the photos??  I'm sure my kids are not going to be sitting there one day when I'm and dead and gone looking at my photos thinking, "Oh my gosh, can you believe that Mom did not color correct this photo??" Or, "Uh oh, she missed focus on the eyes on this one.  The focus fell on the nose instead."  Right.  They're not going to care in the least!

But, as a photographer, these things are important to me.  But, I'm learning to let go...

Little by little.  The perfectionist is being rooted out.  Motherhood is doing that to me, and lots of other life experiences, big and small.

I should be working on my photos, but I'm blogging instead.  Because it's fun.  And, I need FUN in my life :)

So I found these, from May 2010.  Love the imperfection in them.

As you can see, Z is a very well loved baby.  Too well loved, sometimes.  It was the extra loving that pushed him over the edge here.