still working...

...on getting my photos from 2010 ready to print.  I've made it to June now!  It's slow, but sure progress.  I can't help but share some more of little Z.  Here he is at one month old.  He looks like a grumpy old man to me.  A cute, grumpy old man, that is.

So, what do I do with all those photos I print?  In theory, I make them into scrapbook pages.  In reality, I put them in a box, and they sit on a shelf:  some get scrapped, some do not--it's very haphazard.  My new plan for this year is to purchase some simple photo albums--the kind that you just slide 4x6 photos into, and put my photos in chronological order into those albums.  That way, I can at least admire them all while they are waiting to be made into scrapbook pages.  I hope it works!