organized living

I love to organize.  I always have.  When I was four, my mom let me have a drawer in our built -in cabinets just for my stuff.  I have no idea what I used it for, but I can distinctly remember sitting in front of my drawer on our burnt orange shag carpet sorting and organizing my stuff while my mom cooked dinner.

Organizing made me happy!  Thirty years later, it still does!

A few years ago, I needed a simple solution for all of my plastic grocery bags.  They were piled up on the bottom of my cabinet and seemed to explode out whenever I opened the door.  There are lots of containers out there for purchase--IKEA makes a one, but it was just way too large for my space.  I needed something small.  My solution was simple.

I took an  empty kleenex box....


...and put my grocery bags in it.

I have about three of these in around my house for various purposes.  One for the kitchen, one for diapers and one for bathroom trash cans.  I'm also planning to put one of these in my car because you just never know when you'll need a spare trash bag.