hangin' out on Friday night

I love the light in Florida, especially the deliciously beautiful evening light.  Here's our little family just hanging out on a random Friday night.  It's sort of typical.  You see David?  He's on his phone.  Mr. Z is pushing his walker looking rather spacey.  I wonder where he gets that from?  It's certainly not me.

Let's zoom in a bit. What a serious face. He must be tired.

There he goes!

And, here comes Miss A zooming by on her scooter. Typical.

There's Miss M. She's playing Angry Birds on my phone. My girls love Angry Birds! I might too, but maybe I don't want to admit it.

She's doing good!

And, now, everyone has gotten tired of being outside except for Miss A and I.

She's been into drawing money on our sidewalk lately.  I guess this one has a heart on it.  Cute.

Fun times.  I like my little family!