dress rehearsal day

Yesterday was dress rehearsal day.  For the fist time in several years, I only had one bun and one face to put makeup on.  It was sure a lot less pressure!  Miss M has decided that ballet is just not for her--she's a beautiful dancer, but just does not love it.  And so now we have one little ballerina in the family.

Presenting our water lilly fairy, Miss A.  

Love this expression.  It's her truly delighted face.  The real smile, the one that only happens when she's filled with joy or tickled pink.  Love it!

We took these photos right after we fixed her hair and make-up.  I asked her to put her costume on for just a minute so that we could snap some photos.  We took, maybe all of 5-10 minutes to snap these.

Twirl, Miss A, twirl!

Notice how the back of her head is in the shadow?  I had some nice side-lighting coming in from an open door just to the right.  The background is just a bare, unpainted wall.  Yes, after 4 years, we still have unpainted walls.  But, I've gotten so used to using this wall as a plain backdrop, I can't imagine it any other color than white! 

My personal favorite from the bunch.

Except for maybe the photo on the right.  It's such a classic Miss A expression.  Sort of like her classic "are you serious?!" face. 

The real deal is on Friday night.  Can't wait to see the performance (again!)
Oh, and if you're wondering, she came up with all these poses on her own.  I just asked her to face the open doorway for me so that her face was in the light, and not in the shadow.