three amigos

It has been an insanely long time since I've posted, and if anyone is still out there reading or checking this blog, I will be highly impressed.  The blog has been put on a back burner for now along with my digital photos which are waiting to be edited and screaming at me to download them from my memory cards.

My photo life is in such a pathetic state, in fact, that the photos you see below may just have to suffice for my kids' portraits this year.  Seven, 18 months and nine, in no particular order.  That would be quite sad, actually. I will have to get on those annual photos--quickly!  

What's on the front burner?  Schooling at home.  We are back to home school this year.  It has taken up most of my mental energy.  What else?  Chasing my toddler.  He's a good boy and at such a fun stage.  He's got his "cheesey" smile on for the camera now-a-days.  And, Jazzercise--it keeps me sane and keeps those good endorphins flowing.  I didn't mention cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping.  Oh, my, it's quite exciting around here.

Thanks for stopping by, whoever is still out there :)
Oh, the title of my post--that's my favorite part of school at home--that I get to see them all enjoy each other, and that they get to be around each other all day.  I guess that can be the worst part too, but most often it's the best part.  Until next time! :) K