I recently stumbled upon a fabulous blogsite offering a free course on "Finding Your Inner Muse."  It's an inspirational course geared to fellow visually creative-types whether you be a photographer, designer, painter, scrapbooker or crafter of any other medium.  The class is an encouragement to find inspiration in the day to day things around you, in the places that you love and in the things that you love.  As you draw inspiration from those things, your work as a creative person becomes a reflection of who you are, an expression of something true about yourself.  As you get more comfortable doing this, your work eventually becomes YOU because it flows out of your own life and experiences.  

I love, love, LOVED this class.  I think it reminded me why I picked up my camera 6 years ago and began photographing everything and everyone around me with passion.

Because there is something beautiful in even the most mundane moments of life.  If we can just train our eye to see it.  To become aware of it. 

Here are some ordinary, but beautiful moments at my house:  bubbles in the courtyard.  Enjoy!