American Girl store

When we told the girls we'd be driving through Denver, the first thing Miss M said was, "We can go to the American Girl store!!"  We knew such things existed, but had no idea there was a store in Denver.  

Miss A was super excited because she'd been wanting to get her doll Ruthie's ears pierced for quite some time.  The only way to do that from Orlando would have been to send Ruthie to the "doll hospital" in Wisconsin.  It's quite an adventure for a doll to make such a trip.  Apparently she would have been sent back in a hospital gown with a hospital bracelet on her wrist.  

Miss A's plans were set:  get Ruthie's ears pierced.  Miss M just wanted to wander around and fine something to spend some of her money on.

It was quite an experience:  a store full of beautiful products for these beautiful dolls.

Ruthie headed to the back counter and disappeared into the back room with a worker.  She received a 6-piece set of earrings as part of her ear piercing.

 Ruthie's back!  She looks good.

Examining her closely. 

 Miss A is happy.

Miss M enjoyed looking all around before choosing an outfit for her doll.

The boys sat down after awhile.

But, then Z found a wagon to pull, and he was happy.

The doll salon.  Fancy-shmancy!