lily lake hike {Estes Park}

One of my favorite things about moving back to Colorado:  hiking.  We attempted this hike for the second time just one week before the epic flooding washed out Hwy 34 to Estes Park.  The first time was last fall when we came out for a visit (and shortly afterwards decided that we had to move back West.)  We've yet to complete the hike.  Someday.  

Last year, we got a little ways in and Mr. Z decided to stop walking while at the same time realized that he was deathly afraid of the backpack carrier.  He had never been in one before, since there is no such thing as hiking in Orlando.  (We went on a "hike" once which was really more like roaming around in the scrub in thick humidity while never gaining elevation all the while wondering why in the world you're torturing yourself for nothing.)

Anyway, this year we thought we might get a little farther, but alas, it started raining and the girls were far more interested in bouldering and scaring me half to death by perching a top rocks that were dangerously close to the edge of cliffs.  

Maybe next year.  Third time is the charm, right?