my boys

 Just some snaps of my boys.  I think Mr. Z had just crashed into something and hurt himself, thus the ice pack and his lovey.

Are you on Thanksgiving break this week?
We are in the midst of Nutcracker rehearsals all week (except Thursday) and weekend full of performances!
I received a 24-page document from our ballet studio on how to do stage make-up.  No joke!  This studio's Nutcracker performance is a little bit of a bigger deal than the last studio we were a part of (gross understatement.)
Luckily for me, I sort of enjoy the art of make-up, though I am just a little overwhelmed at the detail going into it.  I have never in my life applied shadow or highlight to one's face, but I am now armed with the supplies to do so.  Wish me luck!  Maybe I'll post some photos next week :)