arthur's rock hike

We've had a few rainy day hikes this season.  
So many that the kids groan when we say we're going hiking and ask if there's a chance of rain.
30% or more and we are doomed!

Our first rainy hike was an attempt to Fern Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We decided to get an annual pass this year.  It gives us good motivation to get up there and take advantage of the mountains.  You can see those photos HERE.  A few weeks later, we stayed closer to home and went to Lory State Park.  We love this park.  It has great hikes that we can do with the kids too.  
But, once again, just as we were nearing the top, it started pouring rain and thundering loudly.  Thankfully, we were prepared with ponchos.  
Even so, we sure had some bedraggled and grumpy kids. 
(I didn't take photos of that part of the hike.  I was too busy rushing back down the trail!)