DIY: Napkin Flower Tutorial

I've got a little crafty series planned for this blog.  For the next three weeks, I'll be posting a new DIY tutorial on Monday.  In upcoming weeks, I have a few DIY ideas for displaying photos.  If I get on a roll, maybe there will be more!  :)

Today I'm sharing  a very simple tutorial using napkins to make flowers.  Since napkins are a bit stiffer than tissue paper, the flowers hold their shape a little better.  There are lots of other similar tutorials out there, but I didn't know that when I came up with the idea.  Great minds think alike!

Start by gathering your supplies.  
1)You'll need napkins of various colors, 28-gauge floral wire and a pair of scissors.  I used white, green and orange napkins to add some interest. (A cute vase or mason jar helps too :)
2) Open your napkin out flat.  I found these orange napkins at the dollar store, and I love them because they are white on the backside which makes for a beautiful flower.
3) Cut napkin into four equal parts.
4) Stack them on top of each other, same color facing the same direction.

5) Accordion fold your napkin.  You can see the white backside of the orange napkin here.  It's going to be pretty when we start opening it up!
6) Pinch the folded napkin together.
7) Fold the floral wire over the center of the napkin and twist a few times around itself to secure in place.
8) Cut the edges of the napkin off into a rounded shape.  Alternatively, you could cut them inwards like a "V."  This will make for a cool spikey looking flower.

9) Begin spreading apart the folds into a circular shape.  It will sort of look like a butterfly. 
10) Carefully lift each layer of napkin towards you and away from the center.  Be sure to separate 2-ply napkins into two layers.  This will make your flower fuller and and creates a two-tone look if the second layer is white.

Keep opening the layers up until you have a pretty flower.

 When you are all done, the floral wire will serve as a nice stem to fit into your vase or mason jar.

Heading into fall, this makes a great little centerpiece for the table or a fun accent for any room!