purple poufs

One of the big projects I'm working on right now is developing a portfolio of favorite images from over the years.  I have a TON of undeveloped photos that I am slowly working my way through.  These were taken a few years ago when Mr. Z was a baby during a season when he had dropped his morning nap (such a hard transition) and I was desperate to get us out of the house.   After the girls went to school, we would often take long walks around our neighborhood in Orlando.  It was often very hot and sticky, even in January.  I really do not miss that at all!

I found these little flowers while walking one morning along an open space where the grass was uncut.  I'm sure they are technically weeds, but I love them just the same.  They are so pretty.  I picked a few and tossed them into the bottom of the stroller planning to go back the next day with my camera and shoot them in the field.  But, later that afternoon, the mowers came out and that was the end of the pretty little flowers in the field.  I never saw them grow back.  

But, I'm glad I at least got a few photos.  They look sort of look like they belong in the sea to me.
Like little anemone.  Purple poufs of happiness.