devil's backbone open space hike [loveland]

By far, my favorite thing about moving back to Colorado has been enjoying the great outdoors.  It's like food for the soul.  The kids don't just LOVE hiking, but every time we go, they always come back refreshed and happier than when we left.  There is something about being in nature with all of her colors and textures, sounds and smells that both relaxes and stimulates the senses.  We've sort of made a commitment that as long as we live in this awesome state, hiking and outdoor adventures will be part of our lifestyle.

Devil's Backbone open space was a great, shorter 2 mile trail for us, though there are lots of longer options too, if you want to go further.  We took Kelly Pepper on her first hike here (sorry, no photos of her--she was too busy enjoying the trail!) and didn't want to go very far from home.

The kids had a great time on this hike.  We will definitely be going back.
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