DIY: wire photo holders [camera shaped]

It's another DIY crafty Monday post.  Today, I'm making simple photo holders from 28-gauge wire.  I'm always looking for simple and clever ways to display photos around the house.  What could be more fun than wire-twisted photo holders that look like little cameras?

Start by gathering your supplies:  wire pliers, 28-gauge wire and some of your favorite photos.

Now comes the fun part.  1. Start by twisting the wire into a tight little spiral.  This will be the "lens" of the camera.  2. Grab the wire about 1/2" away from the spiral. 3. Bend to a 90 degree angle.
4. Estimate another 1/4" or so and bend the wire to another 90 degree angle.  Repeat this for steps 5, 6 & 7.  To make the "flash", bend the wire directly above the "lens" following steps 8-11.  To finish off, bend the wire along the same angles until you get to the bottom of the camera and bend straight down following steps 12-14.  15. Finally, twist the other end of the wire into a slight circle to stabilize the bottom.

Place your camera-shaped wire into your favorite vase and insert photo.

You could also leave off the "flash" part to make a square, Instagram looking camera.  

Fill your vase with a few more twisted wires.  Vary the height by bending some wires shorter than others.

Fill with photos for a fun photo display!

I'll be sharing a few more crafty tutorials over the next few Mondays, so be sure to stop by again. :)