CSU Oval in the snow

A few months ago last December I was shooting some dance portraits in Ft. Collins.  It was just starting to snow as we left the house early that morning, and it was supposed to snow all day long.  I brought Miss M along to be my helper that day.  When we were done with portraits  and walked outside, it was just breathtaking.  Cold, for sure, but gorgeous.  The snow filled the air with a special kind of magic.  There's  nothing quite like a fresh blanket of pristine, sparkling, pure white snow.  I thought it would be a lovely time to take a few shots somewhere.  Since we were already on the north side of Ft. Collins, we headed over to the Oval at CSU.  Being a CSU grad, it was always one of my favorite spots to go.  The trees are pretty awesome anytime of year.  But, on that day in particular, they were magical.  Miss M's bright pink coat was perfect for a bright pop of color--totally unplanned, but perfect!  There were tons of CSU students making gigantic snowmen all around the oval, having tons of fun.  There was also a couple getting engaged in the center of the sidewalk.  He was on one knee proposing as we walked up.  What a great scene to get engaged in!  (They and their friends are pictured below on the right.)